Increase in God

July 28th, 2013

Today's subject matter is on the need for more increase in what God has for us in the days ahead  than what you have today both individually and corporately. 


Role of the church in today’s society

July 21st, 2013

Today's teaching comes from the Cheyenne Wyoming Depot Plaza, where we went outside of our building to minister to the public.  Wow, that was exciting. 

Many folks go to church, show up, sing a bunch of songs, do the communion bit, listen to a sermon and then go on about their daily lives week after week.  Of course lets give credit to those people who make it all happen behind the scenes too.  Today's teaching talks about how we as the body of Christ should be doing more in our world to make a difference.  Our ministry is not only to each other but to the world in which we live, play and work.  And then when we gather together for singing on to the Lord, a teaching from the Lord and we minister to each other.  How do we minister to each other?  We do that by telling others about what God has us doing through out the week and then encourage each other in that ministry.

For more on this subject, enjoy today's podcast.


The body of Christ - The Church as Family

July 20th, 2013

Cultivating the Favor of God

Cultivating the favor of God is one of the ways we keep our lamps filled with oil as we approach the day of the Lord's return.  In the days ahead, we will need to cultivate a nearness to God that many have no grid for.  We will need to keep the promises of God before us and understand the passages in the Bible that speak of the times as the world approaches the day of the Lord.

In today's podcast we will hear about some aspects of a culture of honor in a church today. 


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