The Lord’s Yoke Upon Us

June 28th, 2015

The Lord's Yoke Upon Us              by Jay Meyer              June 28, 2015


Unity with God

June 21st, 2015

Unity with God and Commitment                     by Randy Oestman                 June 20, 2015

Introduction:  Two weeks ago there was no podcast. We had moved from out old location on 4th street to our new location at Sunny Side Baptist about a mile or two North.  We have services on Saturday evenings and Sunnyside has their services on Sunday mornings in the same space. We have our stuff hidden in a way we can unfold and have a wonderful time with God.  Then when we're done we fold back out of the way, so they can do have their time with God on Sundays.  It's an interesting Concert of events.
Two weeks ago Jay Meyer talked about how God is using us to bless another fellowship through us and what was involved with that.  He reassured us about how this move is all about what God wants for us.  The body of Christ is about the people and what God is doing through those people.. It's not about a building or the location.
Last week we did a combined service with Sunny Side Baptist church.  Both worship teams were on the stage playing songs together, three from our group and three songs from their group.  We worked together in unity.  Both pastors spoke (Pastor Max Janzen from Sunnyside) and our Pastor Jay Meyer(Cheyenne Vineyard)  talked about unity among the people of Christ.  It was as entertaining as it was instructive.  It was a very good message from both pastors.  Unfortunately we didn't record the audio.
This week Randy Oestman (our Associate Pastor) talks about the Unity with God and the commitment.  So, enjoy today's podcast and may God bless your week.